0utlaw's Work - 2 Maps

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0utlaw's Work - 2 Maps

Post  0utlaw on Sat Sep 15, 2012 10:27 pm

Hello all
I've been playing warband since beta so it's about time I had a go at some maps and these are my first two sieges.

multi_scene_3 Castle of Outlaws - I'm still trying to finish an underground dungeon passage going from the lower left 1/3 of attacker spawn to another location outside the sally door at rear left of the wall. Everything else is working: ladders, doors, siege, ramps on almost all houses and castles, and ai mapped for bots.
attacker spawn
gatehouse right
gatehouse left

multi_scene_1 Fangorn Fortress - This one is my second siege with 10 ladders, dozens of stairs suspended by chain, and a port from mine at base of hill to door in highest tower. The giant tree has 2 levels, the highest of which is the def flag, while attackers spawn around the town outside of tree. no siege towers on this one.
attacker area
attacker town
defender spawn/flag

Let me know whatcha think. I already have the sco, and scenes in a separate file ready to go and I'd like to get some feedback if anyone wants to fly thru em.

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Re: 0utlaw's Work - 2 Maps

Post  Deaf Blind Dave on Wed Oct 10, 2012 10:47 pm

Sweet new mappers. Sorry have not been checking these forums lately.
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